The liberation of Palmyra

During the last week of March the ancient city of Palmyra/Tadmur was liberated from ISIS by the combined forces of the SAA, various Shia militias and Russian advisors.


The offensive was more successful than anticipated, with the Government forces recapturing the city in quite a short amount of time, which is unexpected due to the urban nature of the fighting.  This shows to things – the weakness of the ISIS forces stationed there and the strength of the Syrian combined forces.

I will give a brief overview on the national forces which participated in the assault on the city.

The bulk of the fighting forces was made up of three special battalions – the Tiger Forces, the Desert Hawks Brigade and the SAA Marine forces.


The Tiger Forces are perhaps the most famous unit of the entire SAA – they were formed in 2013 as a Special Forces unit to serve mainly as an offensive force. They have participated in most big pushes by the Syrian Government forces and have achieved notable successes such as breaking 35-month long siege of the Kuweires Military Airbase in Northern Syria. The airbase and the men stuck in it had become somewhat of a legends in the conflict, surviving against all odds in a completely surrounded and isolated airbase for almost three years while constantly pushing back the ISIS siege. The Tiger Forces were the ones who finally created a corridor for the liberation of the bases during the 2015 September-November Kuweires offensive.


The liberation of Palmyra

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